2016 - 2020

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Key words
  • The Project for the Improvement of Agricultural Productivity in Madagascar (PAPAM) aims to strengthen the capacity of Malagasy farms in order to develop production and incomes by integrating opportunities linked to agro-ecology.

  • The objectives of this project are:
    • Develop support services for farmers and their organizations by strengthening the system through continued support for the Vakinankaratra regional agricultural development fund, the creation of a fund in the Alaotra-Mangoro region and support for the operationalization of the National Agricultural Development Fund (ADF).

    • Sustainably improve farm productivity through diversification and agro-ecological intensification of production systems in four regions

    • Economic: Sustainable improvement in farm productivity and income (target: 150,000 farms);
    • Environmental: Promotion of agro-ecological practices and reforestation (fuelwood);
    • Institutional: Development of project management capacities and local expertise.

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    ACTA - Coordination of the network of ITAs (Agricultural Technical Institutes)

    18 qualified agricultural technical institutes and the Acta head of the network

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    Agrisud International

    Agrisud promotes economic recovery through the creation of very small family businesses (TPE), particularly in the agricultural sector. These VSEs are viable and sustainable, because they are economical and agro-ecological, because they are well anchored in the local market.

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    French Development Agency

    A public and solidarity-based bank, AFD is the central player in French development policy.

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