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Key words
  • The PADM project aims to ensure that aquaculture products, practiced with a view to sustainability and preserving resources, make a decisive contribution to the fight against undernourishment and malnutrition in Madagascar.

  • Through a Research-Action approach, APDRA, in partnership with the Malagasy (FOFIFA) and French (CIRAD) research centers, will aim to:

    • Carry out a participatory diagnosis in order to better understand the problems faced by producers and other stakeholders in the rice-fish sector. A multi-year action plan has been drawn up accordingly;
    • Conduct studies and implement protocols that promote the development of the rice and fish value chain in Madagascar. The results of these studies will be synthesized and will contribute to improving the technical models available to producers; these models will be shared with the actors of the national platform to develop technical references.

  • Expected changes:

    • Increase the quantity of aquaculture products available to the food insecure population;
    • Increase income and employment in the value chain (stocking, feed, and marketing);
    • Improve the conditions for implementing sustainable aquaculture.

    Expected impacts:

    • The reproduction of carp on the Highlands of the island is no longer dependent on the seasons.
    • Fry production (survival + growth) is improved.

  • Post Title
    Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development

    CIRAD is the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.

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