Agroecological Transition Support Program - Sharing Sahelian Bocage (PATAE-BSP)

  • Contribute to; the fight against poverty in the Sahel in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at protect the resources of future generations

     Strengthening sovereignty food for Sahelian peasant families through an innovative agricultural and pastoral system that is resolutely committed to in the transition from agroecology to large scale

  • A study of the effects and impact of the concept of Sahelian Bocage is carried out in a holistic way (socio-anthropology, agronomy, environment and economy) then its results are capitalized on. s and broadcast.

     Three new bocage perimeters of 100 hectares each have been developed according to the concept of the Sahelian Bocage.

     The production and distribution, by a long-term local team, of didactic films for the transmission and sharing of bocag’agroecology practices are ensured

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    French Development Agency

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    Research Institute for Development

    The IRD is a key French player on the international development agenda. It works based on an original model : equitable scientific partnership with developing countries, primarily those in the intertropical regions and the Mediterranean area.

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