Agrisud International

  • Founded in 1992, Agrisud International is an international solidarity NGO that contributes to the development of countries in the South. Its vocation is to fight against poverty and to support populations towards economic and social autonomy. Mainly specialized in the field of agriculture, Agrisud favors agro-ecological practices that make it possible to reconcile productivity with low pressure on the environment and sustainable management of natural resources. This approach is based, on the one hand, on the professionalization of the target audiences and, on the other hand, on the promotion of a favorable environment for the activities supported in order to guarantee their sustainability.

  • Project Name
    Memento for the evaluation of agroecology

    The Memento for the evaluation of agroecology is an easy-to-use tool, equipped with a reliable and common methodology. Designed on the initiative of the Group for the support of the AgroEcological Transition (GTAE), it allows the systematized production of agronomic, socio-economic and environmental references.

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