DESIGN: Propose selected palm plantation designs integrating cultivated biodiversity

2020 - 2023

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Key words
  • The Design project aims to propose designs (planting devices) for selected palm groves integrating service plants, including pollinating palms and associated crops during the juvenile phase (annual or multi-annual crops) or permanently (crops perennial). This involves proposing a series of palm grove designs corresponding to the expectations of different types of producers in terms of ecosystem services provided and return on investment. This means rethinking the structure of palm grove stands with regard to the different ecosystem services targeted. To design these new designs of palm groves, it is planned to carry out a bibliographic analysis on the subject of palm pollinators, temporary and permanent agroforestry with oil palms, and plants producing other ecosystem services than that of production. It is also planned to visit sites to collect information to be included in the analysis of experiences. In the end, a multidisciplinary group of experts from PalmElit and CIRAD plans to write a technical book presenting existing designs of biodiverse palm groves and design choice keys. This book is intended for farmers and agricultural business managers.

    • Promote field experience in Cameroon in partnership with IRAD as part of the Agroforestry partnership mechanism: design of agroforestry palm and cocoa plantations for small producers in Cameroon
    • Promote the bibliography and known experiences in the design of agroforestry palm groves, in all production zones.
    • Complete the information needed for the design of palm groves integrating cultivated biodiversity (palm pollinators, annual and perennial crops, service plants)
    • Write a technical book presenting the synthesis of identified experiences of palm grove designs integrating cultivated biodiversity

    • Internship and mission reports.
    • Scientific articles.
    • A technical book on the possible designs of palm groves integrating cultivated biodiversity for the use of farmers and agricultural business managers.

  • Post Title

    PalmElit conducts the genetic improvement and marketing programs for CIRAD® oil palm seeds

    Post Title
    UMR Innovation

    The UMR Innovation and development in agriculture and food brings together agents from INRA, CIRAD and Montpellier Supagro. The mission is to inform the decision of public and private actors on innovation and development processes in agricultural and food systems.

  • Project Name
    Promoting oil palm-based agroforestry systems: an asset for the sustainability of the sector

    Until recently, the massive development of industrial and smallholder oil palm plantations has generally been conducted according to the monocrop model. However, alternative cropping systems have emerged, based on more diversified systems that combine various crops with oil palms.

    Project Name
    Unravelling sustainable intensification in oil‑palm agroforestry on the Adja plateau, Benin

    Research article on the intensification of food production in traditional oil palm agroforestry systems on the Adja plateau in Benin,

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