2022 - 2025

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Elément(s) de l’agroécologie selon la FAO
Objectifs développement durable
Key words
  • Contribute to reducing poverty and food and nutritional insecurity in rural communities in the central highlands of Madagascar.

  • Contribute to reducing the vulnerability of family farms (EAF) in the central highlands (HT) to climatic and environmental changes by promoting efficient, sustainable and better adapted production systems.

  • Output 1: In-depth knowledge of the situations and constraints faced by EAFs due to climate change and anthropogenic pressures, and the benefits of adaptation actions, is acquired and shared by development and research actors.

    Output 2: Practices allowing EAF to be more resilient (including at the nutritional level) and more sustainable within their natural environment are co-developed and co-evaluated with farmers and POs by research and of development.

    Output 3: Relevant innovations are promoted to a large number of EAFs and POs.

    Output 4: The capacities of FOs and development and research actors to help the rural world adapt to current climatic and environmental changes are strengthened.

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    Agrisud International

    Agrisud promotes economic recovery through the creation of very small family businesses (TPE), particularly in the agricultural sector. These VSEs are viable and sustainable, because they are economical and agro-ecological, because they are well anchored in the local market.

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    Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development

    CIRAD is the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.

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    Contribute to improving the standard of living of producers by promoting crops recognized as priorities in the region, among others, tuber crops, wheat, other food and fodder crops, and dairy production

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    The GSDM: Professionals of Agro-ecology

    The GSDM is an association under Malagasy law which brings together various organizations involved in research, training and the dissemination of Conservation Agriculture (or DMC) in Madagascar

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